COVID 19 Updates

The leadership of North Heights Christian Academy and the Council of Elders at North Heights Lutheran Church has concluded that what is best for our students is that we open 2020-21 school year on-campus and in-person, classes five days a week. The current Covid-19 pandemic has prompted unprecedented reflection and discussion as to how we can best educate our children, while keeping them emotionally, physically, socially and spiritually healthy. We are developing a well-thought out system of health and safety precautions that will begin day 1.

All of our health and safety precautions are designed to keep our students and staff healthy so we can continue to do school together and in-person. We know that things change quickly in the midst of this pandemic. Therefore, know that the procedures and policies are subject to change during the school year.

On July 22, Governor Walz signed Executive Order 20-81 requiring face coverings in all indoor public spaces in Minnesota, including school buildings. Face masks, or face shields, covering the nose and mouth will be worn in the building at all times except when eating and drinking, or engaged in physical activity during recess or physical education. The school will provide masks and face shields to staff and masks to any student needing one.

Classrooms are being organized to keep students six feet apart. Social distancing will be enforced in the hallways and lunchroom as well. Hand sanitizer will be available in classrooms and hallways. Student desks will be sanitized before each use. Restrooms will be cleaned throughout the day. We will teach our students about healthy sanitation and hygiene practices to stay well.

North Heights Christian Academy will offer two options for our families and their children:
1. Students are on campus 5 days a week
2. Students are at home viewing recorded videos of all their classes and quality online learning.
If the need arises to transition the whole school to distance learning, be assured there will be a quality distance learning program available to all students.

We have invested in video technology that will allow students who are ill or are quarantined and must stay home to keep up with their classmates. Classroom assignments and lessons will be online. If you do not have access to a tablet or computer with internet in your home, please email Lisa Lanzi at   as soon as possible, so one can be provided.

All specialist classes will be offered, including art, music, and physical education.

Our website and Facebook page are being updated with our Re-Opening Plan. We will have this ready as quickly as we are able. Additionally, you will be asked to sign a COVID-19 agreement.

Please contact Jeff Taylor or Lisa Lanzi with any questions you may have. God bless you and thank you for your patience and support. Please pray regularly for our students, teachers, staff, and families and be patient and gracious with one another in these incredibly challenging times.

North Heights Council of Elders:
Pastor TJ Anderson
Linda Morken
Mary Fonken-Holden
Duane Haugen
Mark Mueller
Steve Eckhardt
Vicki Harris
Gary Engelbrecht