Bible & Spiritual Life

    • Enjoy Bible stories and lessons that emphasize God's care
    • Participate in dynamic weekly school wide chapel sessions
    • Instill God's truth in their hearts by memorizing Bible verses
    • Demonstrate Christ’s example of kindness, compassion, and forgiveness to one another

Language Arts 

    • Understand and apply knowledge of the sound-symbol relationships in pre-reading
    • Express ideas and thoughts in writing using age-appropriate conventions
    • Enjoy a variety of rich literature, as well as non-fiction texts
    • Use a variety of strategies to expand reading, listening, and speaking vocabularies


    • Engage in mathematical concepts using hands-on activities and interactive games
    • Apply learned concepts of numbers, patterns, money, time, and measurement to their everyday lives


    • Predict, observe and investigate using the scientific method
    • Study God’s marvelous and amazing creation: their human abilities, the earth and sky, animals, and plant life with hands-on learning and Christian worldview

Social Studies

    • Understand their place in the world by: comparing and contrasting past and present living
    • Understand their place in the world by: implementing maps and globes

Special Projects/Trips

    • Provide unique experiences that enhance the learning in the classroom is an important part of the NHCA Kindergarten program
    • Apple orchard field trip
    • Nature Center field trip
    • Farm field trip
    • Time with the 6th grade buddies
    • School wide TEAM events.