Fourth Grade

Fourth Grade

Bible & Spiritual Life

    • Grow in knowledge and understanding of the Bible and Christian doctrine
    • Make our faith personal and relationship with Jesus Christ deeper
    • Memorize Scripture, concentrating on our identity in Christ, learning about the early church, understanding the reliability of the Bible
    • Develop and use aides in the study of Scriptures
    • Encouraged to live like Jesus in actions, words, thoughts, and Christian disciplines

Language Arts

    • Develop reading skills such as fluency, comprehension, and accuracy
    • Apply phonic rules with suffixes & prefixes and building vocabulary both with spelling and recognition
    • Reinforce the Six Traits of Writing (ideas, organization, word choice, sentence fluency and conventions)
    • Write narratives, creative stories, expository paragraphs, descriptive stories, and poetry
    • Improve comprehension by discussing fiction, nonfiction, and poetry
    • Communicate orally in formal and informal settings


    • Think mathematically
    • Develop computation and problem solving skills with adding & subtracting four or more digits and multiplying & dividing 5 digits by 2 digits
    • Extend knowledge of geometry, measurement (customary & metric), graphing, and fractions (adding & subtracting with reducing)


    • Grow knowledge of plant & animal biology, ecology, physical sciences, astronomy, oceanography, and geology
    • Integrate the Christian worldview
    • Learn to prepare for and take a science test
    • Observe, investigate, predict, record data, infer, and draw conclusions from experiments

Social Studies

    • Evaluate history from different perspectives
    • Interpret American History beginning with the Native Americans through the Civil War period
    • Learn how to prepare and take a history test
    • Re-enact and interpret American historical events through simulations, projects, and other activities

Special Projects/Trips

    • Bloomington River Rendezvous field trip (historical reenactment)
    • Insect collection project, endangered animals, bird log, and experiments
    • STEAM project of building a stable bridge
    • Early American colony simulation
    • Overnight field trip to the Minnesota Zoo (studying the aquatic animals)
    • Monthly school-wide TEAM events