Second Grade

Second Grade

Bible & Spiritual Life

    • Grow in knowledge and appreciation of Christian character traits through study of Jesus' life and ministry
    • Reinforce biblical concepts through Bible reading, Scripture memorization, worship, and personal reflection

Language Arts

    • Use decoding and fluency strategies to become lifelong readers
    • Identify and select books at each students appropriate reading level
    • Extend writing strategies by participating in the writing process that includes a rough draft, peer editing, and a final draft
    • Locate and use parts of speech


    • Master addition and subtraction facts to 18
    • Build on previously learned skills and apply them in new ways
    • Broaden math concepts:  place value to 100, two-step problem-solving, addition & subtraction with regrouping, and an introduction to multiplication & division 
    • Develop problem solving strategies through number talks


    • Predict, observe and record using the scientific method, during the study of physical science (magnetism and electricity), earth science (the Solar System, earth conservation), and life science (dinosaurs, nutrition, animal habitats)
    • Integrate Christian worldview

Social Studies

    • Explore geography, history, and culture through the studies of Minnesota History, map skills, American History (USA symbols, colonial times, Native Americans, pioneers & immigrants)
    • Recognize and practice the roles of producers and consumers in our economic system
    • Integrate Christian worldview

Special Projects/Trips

    • Create dinosaurs and fiction dinosaur stories using the Minnesota Science Museum as a resource
    • Explore pioneer life at the Oliver Kelley Farm
    • Design Flat Stanley and send him on an adventure
    • Utilize authentic writing experiences to become authors
    • Participate in monthly school-wide TEAM events