Middle School

Middle School

Bible & Spiritual Life

    • Demonstrate ability to explain their personal faith in Jesus Christ to another person
    • Develop curiosity about and appreciation for God's word and have effective tools to study the Bible independently
    • Become increasingly more comfortable tackling tough, ethically complex issues through the lens of Jesus' life and ministry 
    • Grow as thoughtful people, considering others, and seeking wisdom as a gift from God
    • Grow and develop a personal relationship with God through Bible study, worship, prayer and devotional models
    • Inspire and develop the unique gifts and callings within them in order to serve God's Kingdom

Language Arts

    • Use the writing process (plan, draft, edit, change) to grow as competent essay writers in multiple styles (narrative, argument, informative) 
    • Expand vocabulary and spelling through relevant use in writing opportunities
    • Establish and maintain a strong reading habit with rigor, independence, precision, and insight
    • Develop argumentation, logic, and inference skills through non-fiction
    • Grow and expand digital literacy skills
    • Practice public speaking through speeches and presentations across the curriculum


    • Grow in "number sense" ability to work with numbers in a competent and efficient way
    • Competence in the order of operations both with numerical and algebraic values
    • Learn to value mistakes by receiving feedback, making corrections, and developing mastery of mathematical concepts


    • Ask quality questions about how things work and the science behind our daily world
    • Learn and become comfortable in laboratory settings using equipment: setting up a lab, tracking data, making predictions, practicing safety, working in groups, designing a quality experiment
    • Learn content in a three-year rotation: Life Science, Earth Science, Physical Science

Social Studies

    • Develop an understanding that history is the story of mankind's choices and the subsequent results of those choices through the lens of American History, Ancient World History, and Minnesota History
    • Competence in Geography skills: maps, locations, topography, data
    • Expand text book reading skills and capacity building skills; compare/contrast, summarizing, making an inference, finding the main point

Special Projects/Trips

  • Fall field trips - 8th grade - outdoor education experience
  • Spring field trips - Valleyfair (8th grade); MN historical site (6th and 7th grade)
  • The Eagle Plan - helping students stay personally and academically organized