Fifth Grade

Fifth Grade

Bible & Spiritual Life

    • Grow in their knowledge of the Old Testament as the Bible is studied in depth
    • Connecting to Old Testament study through classroom discussions of obedience, forgiveness, good choices, loyalty, and wisdom
    • Memorize a minimum of 1-2 verses per week. Entire chapters are memorized throughout year
    • Illustrating entire layout of Old Testament through phrases and hand motions

Language Arts

    • Reading of a variety of novels to extend skills such as comprehension, fluency, accuracy, and vocabulary
    • Reinforcement of the Six Traits (good ideas, organization, word choice, sentence fluency, and student’s voice with correct conventions) throughout the year as we focus on becoming better writers
    • Evaluate knowledge of  spelling words, vocabulary words, and poetry through weekly tests


    • Development of higher-level math skills based on mastery of basic facts
    • Perform multiplication and division of fractions and decimals and introduction to algebra
    • Build on previous knowledge of ratio & proportions, measurement, and geometry


    • Integration of Christian worldview with study of human body including anatomy, nutrition, physical fitness, basic hygiene, and manners
    • Observe and investigate ecology, resources, and classifying matter with group projects and experimentation
    • Recording of important information through practice of note-taking

Social Studies

    • Understanding of how the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government work together
    • Introduction of the importance of checks and balances in United States Government
    • Ability to locate and name all states and capitals
    • Study of United States history post-civil war to modern times

Special Projects/Trips

    • Spend day in the Health and Wellness Department of North Central University, Minneapolis
    • Field trip to the Minnesota State Capitol
    • "State Fair" project and presentation
    • Animal research projects completed in book form
    • Monthly school-wide TEAM events