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Spelling Bee

At North Heights Christian Academy we believe that it is important for students to develop good spelling habits, accurate word usage and an expanded vocabulary. The Annual Spelling Bee, sponsored by the Association of Christian Schools International, affords students a competition in which they can develop these skills beyond the classroom. All students may participate in the Spelling Bee and are given Spelling Bee word lists from which to practice. Each NHCA classroom holds a Spelling Bee and designates a winner and runner-up. The winner represents NHCA at the district Spelling Bee in Farmington, Minnesota. The ASCI Spelling Bee has been successful in giving students an opportunity to develop competitive spelling skills and to fellowship with students from other Christian schools.

Math Olympics

At North Heights Christian Academy (NHCA) we believe that challenging students to acquire and develop advanced mathematical skills is an important curriculum component. The Annual Math Olympics, sponsored by the Association of Christian Schools International, offers qualifying students in grades three through eight advanced math skill building and competition. Following preliminary testing, six students from each grade are chosen to compete in the areas of Mathematical Computation and Mathematical Reasoning. These students compete against each other as well as other ACSI schools for prizes and certificates of mastery. The Math Olympics stimulates students’ interests in math and creates an opportunity for them to glorify God with their talents and hard work.

Speech Meet

At North Heights Christian Academy we believe that successful elementary and middle school curricula include opportunities for students to develop excellent public speaking skills. NHCA’s Annual Speech Meet allows students to memorize speeches in the areas of poetry, Biblical text, fable and folklore, patriotic oration, and in sixth grade, original speech. The Speech Meet is designed with a goal of allowing each student to achieve a personal best effort, rather than a competition between students.

Students are evaluated in the areas of Expression, Platform Presence and Voice and Speech. Students receive points from judges in these categories and are given an award in the Superior, Excellent, Good or Honorable Mention categories. Students receiving a designation of Superior deliver their speech in front of the NHCA student body at the closing event of the Speech Meet.

Young Peacemakers

All NHCA students participate in the Young Peacemakers program. The program is taught by classroom teachers and is implemented school-wide during chapel and Team Events. The curriculum helps children understand conflict from a biblical perspective and experience change at the deepest levels of their hearts. Students learn about confession, forgiveness, communication and character development. The curriculum utilizes realistic stories, practical applications, and role plays to develop these principles. Parents are provided with copies of materials used during class instructional time in order to use the principles at home if they wish.

The twelve key principles taught in the curriculum for Young Peacemakers are:

  1. Conflict is a slippery slope
  2. Conflict starts in the heart
  3. Choices have consequences
  4. Wise-way choices are better than my-way choices
  5. The blame game makes conflict worse
  6. Conflict is an opportunity
  7. The five A's of Confession can resolve conflict
  8. Forgiveness is a choice
  9. It is never too late to start doing what is right
  10. Think before you speak
  11. Respectful communication is more likely to be heard
  12. A respectful appeal can prevent conflict