Third Grade

Third Grade

Bible & Spiritual Life

    • Dig deeper into the first 3 books of the Old Testament
    • Learn strategies for being a peacemaker
    • Weekly scripture memorization and daily prayer for each other, our families, & the school
    • Learn the basic skills for inductive Bible study

Language Arts

    • Hone strategies of a good reader in small guided reading groups
    • Learn to read/discuss quality literature in a “book club” setting
    • Continued practice with phonics skills by studying common spelling rules/patterns of the English language
    • Practice the Six Traits of Good Writing (ideas, organization, voice, word choice, sentence fluency, & conventions)
    • Handwriting: Master letters in manuscript and become proficient in cursive


    • Multiplication & division
    • Add and subtract greater (three digit) numbers
    • Gather & interpret data (statistics & probability)
    • Build on knowledge of geometry, measurement, and telling time
    • Broaden understanding of fractions
    • Apply problem solving skills to real-life situations


    • Study concepts of life science by researching animals and their habitats
    • Experiment with physical science concepts (matter, force/motion, simple machines, and sound)
    • Develop a deeper understanding earth science (materials of the Earth, solar system, clouds/storms)
    • Explore the human body and its systems (muscles, bones, and joints)
    • Observe & investigate using the scientific method
    • Integrate Christian worldview

Social Studies

    • Understand different types of communities, their geography, and natural resources
    • Identify and U.S. regions as well as our neighbors (Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean)
    • Analyze historical artifacts
    • Become familiar with basic money and economic concepts
    • Grasp a basic understanding of local/federal government and good citizenship

Special Projects/Trips

    • "The Works" Science Museum
    • Wargo Nature Center
    • Planetarium & "Fly Over America" Experience at MOA