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Cleaning for Covid

Cleaning for Covid

Meet the NHCA Clean Team and get to know a little about them and what interesting tasks they do each day.

October 23, 2020

Cleaning for Covid

By Mrs. Tramm, Teacher and Editor

The NHCA Cleaning Team: Mr. Dev Olson, Mrs. MaryBeth Wasiloski, and Mrs. Rachel Cornish

Photographer:  Addy Deurloo

New procedures and Mrs. Cornish joins the cleaning team.

Mr. Dev, Mrs. Wasiloski, and Mrs. Cornish clean every inch of the school and the church. “We wear rubber gloves and sometimes goggles when we mix chemicals.” Mrs. Cornish and Mrs. Wasiloski said. “Our jobs are different everyday, and we decide who does what based on who’s in the building.” They said that they don't get many breaks and the day can get long, but they said that they like cleaning and helping everyone stay safe. 

Before coming to NHCA, Mrs Cornish was a junior high teacher, and she worked at a camp.  Mrs. Wasiloski was a makeup artist. “We love the school and appreciate when the kids pick up after themselves.”


When we come to school month after month, Monday through Friday, we may forget what an amazing blessing it is to be here.

Our school is warm, clean, and solid.  We have an amazingly large and beautiful playground. We are open and attending school while many schools remain closed.

Every year since our school has opened, the North Heights Church congregation has funded our building costs -- the costs to heat, improve and maintain our building and grounds.  (Do you remember our old parking lot? Wow!  There has been a great improvement!).

This year, they have invested even more money into our beautiful school.  The church congregation is paying for additional staff (teachers and other helping staff) just so we could open our school this year!

Of course, we thank God above all else for every good and perfect gift!  We also say, “Thank you, North Heights Church!” for providing a beautiful school experience for us!

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